Albe specializes in remodeling and restyling cherished garments.

Albe's furriers have traveled the globe to learn cutting edge techniques in modern fur design. They work individually with clients to restyle out-of-date garments into exquisite contemporary fashion or home d├ęcor. After a thorough consultation, these experienced artisans collaborate with the client to envision their perfect new piece. An inherited family heirloom can transform from a full-length, long-haired mink to a sleek, velvety micro-sheared jacket. A 1980's silver fox jacket can become a stylish vest and hat. Sleeves can become shawls and excess fur can become a set of pillows or a purse.

Some possibilities include shortening, re-shaping, shearing, laser carving, dyeing, embellishing, and creating entirely new garments from existing skins.

Why have that fine fur collect mothballs when it can be remodeled into a unique, wearable treasure? Contact Albe Furs for an appointment, visit the boutique for a free consultation, or view previous restyling work in the gallery.


Albe Furs has humidity and temperature controlled facilities for proper storage of your precious fur.

Storing your furs correctly enhances longevity by protecting them from a range of hazards, including moths, heat, and humidity damage. Improper storage can jeopardize the lifespan of fur garments. All of the following can reduce the quality of the skins and cause deterioration of your fur by drying it out and causing it to become brittle:

  • Storing fur in warm closets or cupboards
  • Permanent storage in garment bags without air circulation
  • Using moth balls which can react with moisture and/or oils in the furs, exuding harmful gas

Avoid these hazards to ensure your fur maintains its luster and glamour. Albe recommends storing garments whenever they are not being worn or used.


After a winter of heavy wear, salt, dust, and other destructive chemicals, impurities need to be removed to avoid permanent damage to your fur.

This cleaning process can only be done by a professional furrier; many dry cleaners advertise fur cleaning but most do not use the appropriate methods. As part of your garment's cleaning and conditioning process Albe also glazes and adds luster to your fur. Albe's cleaning services restore moisture to the skins and are an important element in guaranteeing that your fur maintains a natural, healthy look and feel. Heavily worn garments should be cleaned regularly. Unworn garments that have been kept in a closet all winter should be conditioned as your furs need to breath and all the dust that has collected should be removed by our condition process.